Saturday, December 3, 2011

Summer Lovin' {Part 3}

Last stop was in Calgary to visit Ryan, Nicole, Hunter, Sophie, and Baron.  We had a great time going on walks, the zoo, children's books stores, and chillin' at the house.  It was so much fun to spend all that time with Sophie!  {And everyone else, of course...}  

And now that is the end of the summer catch up.  
I am super excited to see everyone again at Christmas in just a few short weeks!

Summer Lovin' {Part 2}

Next stop was the big city.... TORONTO!  I stayed for about a week to visit my brother, Jordan, Cydney, and little Gus.  We had an AWESOME BLOSSOM time.

Most of our fun involved eating delicious food.  Like Gelato...

Frozen Yogurt covered with Whip Cream and Fresh Fruit

Five Guys... From Rigby!

Some amazing Greek pastry that starts with an L.... so yummy!

Niagara Falls

Walks in the park 

Charlie bit my finger!



I can't wait to go back next summer for my annual trip!  

Monday, October 24, 2011

Summer Lovin' {Part 1}

OK OK OK!  Here is a long awaited blog post.  I have been inspired by my brother and sister-in-laws who blog way more than I do.  Since I have so many, it will be quick and simple.  The highlight of my summer was visiting each of my brothers and their families for a while.  

First stop was Warren and Ave's.  

Strawberry Festival

 Gracie not cooperating.

 "Look, Grace, a puppy!"  





Kool-Aid Stand

Painting with Water

Delicious Ice Cream