Saturday, August 4, 2012


I keep going back and forth with my emotions this week.  We had our Open House on Thursday night.  I was so sick-to-my-stomach nervous!  And I was frantically getting ready up until the last minute.  Then I met most of my 27 new first graders!  They were all so adorable and so little!  I was ecstatic and eager to start teaching them right then and there!  Then I went in to my room today and was completely overwhelmed.  I am nowhere near ready!  I only spent about 5 hours there, and then the laminator and copy machine broke.  Teacher's worst nightmare!  So I was forced to leave and go lay by the pool.  Unfortunate, right?  :)  I hope by Monday I am back to feeling excited.  
(I'm sure I will.  This is completely normal teacher preweek behavior..... right???)  

Me at Open House

My wonderful 1st Grade Team, who have made it a lot easier on me!  :)