Wednesday, June 29, 2011

You win, Pam

I always get so depressed when my friends/family don’t blog as often as I think they should… so I guess I should do the same.

I’ve been officially on summer vacation for roughly 33 days now. And I love it SO much. But I do miss these sweet little children, and am looking forward to starting again in a couple months.

(Don’t forget to check out my First Grade Blog for some of our end of the year activities/pictures. We had a great time!)

Instead of packing up right away and heading north, I stayed in Idaho for a bit to attend a training my school district paid me for. It was well worth the money, but maybe not so much my time. I packed up my apartment and moved it all into storage for the summer. I’m looking forward to a new apartment and a fresh start when I move back.

I drove up to Canada for the summer again. It’s a lot nicer this time, since I don’t have a massive paper to write, although I still have a Canadian History class to finish. I wish that I cared/was interested in it even just a little bit, but I hate it so much. I can’t wait for it to be over.

As far as summer plans go, we have a family camping trip coming up in a couple weeks and then I’ve got a trip to visit each of my brothers and their families planned. First a visit with Warren in Olds, Jordan in Toronto, and then Ryan in Calgary. When I get back from all that travelling, I’ll only have about a week left before I head back down to Idaho. This summer is going to go by way too fast!

I’ll blog again soon when I have something more interesting/more creative/less boring to post about.

Happy Summer! :)