Monday, July 9, 2012

The first week.

It didn't take me long to find a Zumba class nearby.  While I was looking for one, I was shocked by how pricey they all were.  The majority (that weren't offered at a gym) were between $10-15 for a drop in fee.  This one was only $5.  The downside was, I was the only white girl and the instructor spoke in Spanish.  But it was super fun and affordable.  Although it did make me realize that I REALLY want to get certified and open my own Zumba studio.  So as soon as I can find an available training, I am going to certify.  Watch out world!!  

Friday night I met up with the other first grade teachers I'll be working with.  We had a dinner at one of their houses and just chatted the night away.  I love them!  They are all young, relatively new to teaching, and so fun.  I am so happy to be working with teachers who are all so happy, positive, and ocd like me!  :)

My veggie tray.  Pinterest inspired pepper filled with dip.   

 They made us these cute signs for our classrooms.  Precious!  

 While my dad was still here we tried the "best Gelato in Mesa".  It was delish!  

We visited the pool everyday.  

He is loving retirement!  

 My new roommate.  Just chillin' on the tree in our yard.  Apparently they eat scorpions, so I'm going to let him stay and invite all his friends.  

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