Sunday, July 8, 2012

the loooooong journey "home"

We stopped in Scipio, UT for lunch and saw these crazy forest fires that had been going on for 3 days.   

We spent the night at our friends' house in St. George, UT.  Once we were there, my dad said, "We're leaving at 6 am.  No showers.  We're roughing it."  Man that was tough.  Good thing I was driving in my car by myself.  I was pretty stinky.  :) 

My welcome sign.  Not so much the balloons and marching band I was expecting... 

Driving through Arizona was BEAUTIFUL!  


My new home!!  It was a cool 112 degrees when we arrived... we pretty much headed straight to the pool.  

The next day I took a truckload of boxes to my new school.  I mostly just unloaded them (6 loads with a dolly) and then stared and pondered how on earth I was going to make the classroom "mine".   

 My new school.  

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Warren&Ave said...

Gorgeous pictures!! The pool looks amazing :) That classroom is pretty bare looking - I'm sure you could (if you choose to) make it awesome.