Monday, July 16, 2012

F is for Friends Who Do Stuff Together

So long story short, my friend Jenny introduced me to her son, Jonathon (who lives in Tuscon) back in November.  We went out a few times and became friends.  He's in the National Guard and deployed this week.  So Jenny, Jonathon, and his sister Analee (who's in the Air Force in Tuscon) stayed at our house for a few days last week while seeing him off.  We jam packed those days with all kinds of Arizona fun...  

We went to Dave & Buster's, where we won a ridiculous amount of tickets and won me this awesome SpongeBob Glitter Lamp.

We went to the Aquarium.  


We saw the new Spiderman in IMAX.  
It... was... awesome!  I don't usually like super hero movies, but I love this one.   

We played mini golf in the heat of the afternoon.  All more prepared to beat Phil Mickelson in the next PGA Tour.  

We learned how to use my bbq and made delicious chicken.  

We found this little stinker IN MY HOUSE.  
But it was too fast to catch.  It's probably going to slither into my brain at night.  

We went to the ceremony for the soldiers.  
Very patriotic and interesting.  I especially loved watching all the families.  This one sweet woman got so emotional.  She had three children, one being a brand new baby.  She was really sweet.  

We got delicious food to ensure Jenny didn't get too depressed after Jonathon deployed and Analee went back to Tuscon.  

We attempted to go to the Ghost Town, but got rained out.  
We didn't leave our car, so I just took pictures through the window to prove we were there.   

And now everyone's gone and I'm officially alone.  
We'll see how long I survive.  Anyone want to come visit???

PS - Here is where the title for this post came from.  :)

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Becka's Street said...

I don't have a ukulele, but thanks for hanging out with my girls and I before you left!! Hopefully I'll be able to come visit you...sooner than later ;)