Saturday, July 21, 2012

Holy Haboob

I am in love with the weather here.... 98% of the time.  
I could {and do} lay by the pool all day, everyday.  

 But sometimes, out of nowhere, comes these flash floods.  

The picture doesn't do it justice, but water was pouring down as if someone was dumping buckets.  The patio was covered with water.  No rocks or bricks showed, they were all completely underwater.  It was a little scary.  But my neighbors assured me we are high enough to be safe.  :)  I also learned that Arizona has a "Stupid Motorist Law".  Basically if you are stupid enough to enter a "flash flood" area and get stuck, you are responsible for any costs to rescue you.  

And today,  I got home from the pool, started a movie, and all of the sudden the light in my house turned red, and I went outside to see this. 

Thank you Brittany {my Arizona tour guide, via text/instagram}, for informing me of the official name for these "dust storms".  They are called, Haboobs.  Here's a crazier video.  He's much braver than me.  
{You might want to turn off the volume.  He put creepy music on...  freaked me out.}

Again, the pictures don't do it justice.  The sky was more red and brown.  It was crazy.  I literally was outside for about one minute and my phone was covered in brown dust.  I'm still rubbing it out of my eyes.  I'm just glad I left the pool before it started.  That would've been unpleasant.  
Here's hoping it didn't destroy my oasis.  I'll find out tomorrow.

I'd still take these random short storms, over Idaho's constant miserable weather.  
Sorry for those of you who are still there...  Haha.  

Here's some videos of the actual storm tonight.


Becka's Street said...

Loved all the pictures along with your story. Glad u r safe and make sure u abide by the stupid motorist law ;-) can't wait to visit u.

Michelle Watkins said...

i wanna come lay by the pool with you!!! just think, that dust storm could just give you some good exfoliation!
i miss you so much! i hope i get to see your face soon!
love ya!